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New Schedule Posted plus rules reminder
January 8, 2016
The new schedule has been posted for the last portion of the year.
I would also like to draw your attention to the rules. We have encountered a number of issues this year with teams not being aware of the league rules.

Some of the more often forgotten ones are:
  • The net rules have changed again (inline with SVA rules). Net contact is no longer allowed and is considered a fault.
  • Again Net contact is no longer allowed and is considered a fault.
  • You cannot wear a hat during play
  • Your team cannot play with 4 girls
  • A permanent member of your team cannot sub on another team.
  • Ensure your teammates call all infractions on themselves (nets, carries, etc)
  • A member of your team cannot enter another court if players are present Ever. No "drifting" in.
2015/2016 Season
August 7, 2015
A new season of volleyball is almost underway.
Most importantly, the season opener meeting is wednesday August 26, 7pm at the Broadway Western Pizza.
If you will not be putting a team in this year please let Keary know immediately.

Here are a few notes to read over for this coming year

  1. The net rules have changed again (inline with SVA rules). Net contact is no longer allowed and is considered a fault.
  2. When stepping over the line (under the net) your foot must be completely over the line to be considered a fault.
  3. We are interested in hearing opinions about the playoffs. We are considering a double elimination knockout with a longer day and shorter games.
  4. Games are planned to be played on Super Bowl, GreyCup, and Family Day (not Mothers Day).
  5. Gym times are rather consistent this year and the season doesn’t go nearly as long this year
Playoff Schedule
May 27, 2015
  • The draw for the playoffs (May 31st) has been made and is found here: Download Draw. Please note that the times are from 4 to 8. Also remember, playoffs are mainly for fun. They have no bearing on your status this year or next year, so play hard but have fun.
New Schedule for semester 3 posted
  • The schedule for the last term of the year has been posted. Please check it over for any errors.
Schedule Change
Feb 25, 2015
  • The play times for March 8th have changed from 4:30-7:30 to 5-9pm
  • Games on May 3rd have been canceled due to gym repairs and will not be made up
Schedule for Seemster 3
Feb 12, 2015
  • The schedule for this semester has been posted.
  • Please review the league rules. There have been a number of incidents this year where teams have been playing with four girls or four guys, this is not allowed. Also, be sure to never enter (or carry into) another teams court even after playing the ball (it is considered a dead ball).
Sept 8, 2014
  • The registration for insurance has been setup. Please be sure to setup your teammates as well as update with your subs. If you do not enter this information in BEFORE the person plays they are not covered by insurance. Also, be sure to report all injuries immediately, there is a short window for claims.
  • Go to the Insurance Registration Page
2014/2015 Season Starts
Sept 5, 2014
  • The schedule for the first semester is up.
  • A Facebook page now exists for the group. Not too sure how much it will be used, but we will give it a try this year: Facebook page
  • Please read through the rules of the league to refresh yourself League Rules
  • One special note to point out "To avoid accidents on the court, players may not enter an adjacent court to play a ball when a match is being played or teams are warming up on the adjacent court. The ball is considered out of play.". This means you cannot "carry through" into the court after you play the ball. Under no condition should you be in another teams court while they are present.
  • Also, keep in mind we play by the current net rules (not the old "you can''t touch this" rule). Essentially, if you don''t hit the tape during the play or interfere with the play of the ball it is NOT a net violation. Here is a link to the SVA rules SVA rules
    Net Rule Video from the SVA rules
2014/2015 Season Meeting
August 19, 2013
  • Summer is almost over... time for indoor volleyball! Season opener meeting to be held at Broadway western pizza on Monday, Aug 25th @ 7:00 pm. First game will be September 7th 2014.
  • Registration fees this year have increased a bit as gym fees have gone up. The 2014/2015 season will be $650 per team (not including default fees form last year). We do not have too much concerns to talk about this year so we will accept email transfers anytime before 7:00 pm on Aug 25th. You can email transfer your registration fee to You also will have to email a completed roster to at the same time.
  • Otherwise, you will have to be at the season opener meeting on Aug 25th @ 7:00 with roster and check/cash to reserve your spot. Anyone not paid by or at the meeting will lose there spot. We have at least a half a dozen teams on the wait list.
  • Registration form
Playoffs schedule posted
April 30, 2014
The playoff draw has been completed. The games are all in the new gym. Due to this limitation, the schedule is ... full of time to have beer. Please remember that playoffs are just for fun and don't count towards your standing next year.
Semester 3 notes
Tues Feb 18, 2014
  • The new schedule is up
  • Most weeks are normal. Please pay attention to the 45 minutes games on April 27th and the really odd times and location of gym 3 (new gym). Unfortunetly two teams have long delays between games, un-luck of the draw.
Semester 2 notes
Nov 12, 2013
  • Hi folks, a few notes:
  • #1 We play this Sunday. Yes, Western finals sunday. Please talk to your team tonight to make sure you can field a team. Then maybe call the team your supposed to play to make sure they are coming. You can cancel with a default (you will still get a loss). So if your planning on doing so, please notify the other team at once.
  • #2 The new schedule is up.
  • #3 Take 5 minutes to read over the rules again this season. Most importantly, under no circumstance should a member of your team ever enter an adjacent court when playing. This does not mean you have can play a ball and have momentum take you into the court. If at any point (even after playing the ball) you step into an adjacent court where other members are present, it should be called a dead ball.
  • #4 Take note of the times. We have some weeks that start at different times, and some weeks that have short games. On weeks with 40 minute games please cap your scores at 20 instead of 25 with the final game going to 10.
Season starting notes
Sept 12, 2013
  • Hi folks, a few notes:
  • #1 be sure to read over the rules of the league! Things such as not entering others courts during play ever (while people are using the other court), no hats, 5 people needed to play, no more than 3 members of either gender on the court at one time, etc. There are just a few!
  • #2 make sure you register your team and subs for insurance. go to to insure you register yourself as well as the rest of your team members. If you have any trouble you are to contact SVA. If you have never registered with NRS, an email has been sent to your email address on RMVL\'s file.
  • #3 Do you need another player for a game or for the season? If so, check out the sub list on the page.
  • #4 It is my understanding that we do not have to take the nets down this year (this issue always waffles). This may change, but for now we should be able to leave them up after our games.
2013/2014 Schedule posted
Sept 4, 2013
  • We have finally got all the teams nailed down for the season. The schedule and team lists have been updated. Please check both to make sure there are no errors with your team information or that your schedule is not broken (i.e.: playing on two courts at once).
2013/2014 Season Meeting
August 24, 2013
  • The captains meeting will be held on 8pm Wed August 28th at Broadway's Western Pizza. You will need to have your full roster and your entire league fees for the year. We will only accept cash/cheque that evening. The first date of play is September 8th. The years schedule can be found on the site. Registration form
Playoff Schedule
  • The draw for the playoffs (March 24th) has been made and is found here: Download Draw. Please note that the times are from 6 to 10. Also remember, playoffs are mainly for fun. They have no bearing on your status this year or next year, so play hard but have fun.
New Schedule for semester 3 posted
  • The schedule for the last term of the year has been posted. Please check it over for any errors.
New Team, more games for B Division
  • We managed to get a new team for the B Division. Additional games have been added for teams in the B division.
New Schedule and Still Looking for a team
  • Sorry for the delay in posting the schedule. We have been unsuccessful in finding a new team for the league which has a big impact on games and scheduling. So, the new schedule is up. There is a hole each week where team 7 was supposed to play (in the B Division). Please note the odd times and durations we play, on the 45 minute game weeks we need to be out of the gyms by 7:15pm. As well, note the weeks with a 3pm start time in Gym 3 (The new gym)
  • If you can help us find a new team it will help a lot. Please ask around and point people to Keary.
Looking for a team
  • Hi everyone, a team from the A division had dropped out. We are looking for a new team that wants to play. They will be starting in the C Division. If you know any teams that want to get into the league please email Keary (email is on the exec page)
  • The new schedule will be posted Monday.
Registration Form
  • Please try to have the registration form filled out by this Monday August 27th and bring it to the meeting.
2012-2013 Captains Meeting held soon
August 20, 2012
  • The captains meeting will be Monday, August 27th, 8PM at the Western Pizza on Broadway
  • If you want your team to play this year be SURE to email Keary by this Friday the 24th to reserve your spot.
  • Again, just because you played last year does not garauntee you a spot, you must email Keary by this friday in order to play next year.
  • The executive had a season closing meeting this summer. The meeting minutes can be found here: 2011-2012 Closing Minutes. Please note this email contains the list of teams who have defaulted (you will have to pay $25 per default). The planned fees for this year is $450 a existing teams.
  • The first scheduled game is for Sept 9th.
Game Change and Playoff Schedule
March 5, 2012
In order to facilitate not playing on Easter weekend the schedule has change. The games on March 18th have now been changed to be the playoffs for this year. Please view the Playoff Schedule
Semester 3 Schedule
Jan 15, 2012
The new schedule for semester 3 has been posted.
Semester 2 Schedule
Oct 26, 2011
The new schedule for semester 2 has been posted.
Oct 8, 2011
Thanksgiving games have been cancelled. As well, the last week of this term has been changed
Three quick notes
Sept 11, 2011
Two little notes for the future

  • Please continue taking down the nets if your team is the last playing in the gym (ie: the last two teams playing in a gym should take down all three nets)
  • We DO play thanksgiving weekend
  • Just found out team 19 has dropped out of the league .. we are actively grabbing a new team to fill their spot. Sorry for those teams who had to sit around this week.
Player Insurance
Sept 7, 2011
All of the captions email addresses should have received a message Volleyball Canada NRS. You must use this link to sign up for insurance. After clicking on the link you will need to log in (or create a new account). Once you do so, you will see your team name in red. Click on it. From there you will need to click on the Add Member button. You will then have to search for the player to see if they exist already.

- If they exist: click on the name and then press the green "+ Add Member". Be sure to add them as a trainer. You can then submit and pay for the teammate.

- If they do not exist. Click on the red "Create New Member" button on the bottom right. Enter the persons Name and Email. Sign them up as a trainer. They should receive an email asking them to complete and fill in their details.
Schedule Posted
Sept 6, 2011
The Schedule has been posted for the first Semester. Two new things to notice about that page. All of the future games are listed at the bottom. As well, you can select your team at the top and get the schedule for just your team (rather than trying to find your number throughout the various weeks).
Notes from the captains meeting
August 22, 2011
  • The first term will have 5 weeks (7 otherwise)
  • Net Rules: The SVA net rules changed recently. Please review the new rules with your team. Essentially, if you don't hit the tape during the play or interfere with the play of the ball it is not a net violation. Here is a link to the SVA rules SVA rules
    Net Rule Video from the SVA rules
  • Foot contact is allowed with the ball (as per SVA rules)
  • Insurance claims need to be made very soon after an injury. Some information is available on the others page of the site
A New Season is in the works
August 22, 2011
The captains meeting was held tonight. Our first scheduled night will be Sept 11. The site will be updated with all the new information in the next few weeks as we finalize the team list.